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Business Line Rental

VOOT offer a vast product portfolio, similar to that of BT.

The advantage to you is that we can offer a discount on your line rental, as well as offering a one bill solution for your line rental and call traffic. All existing lines, for instance your telephone, broadband and fax lines, are integrated to VOOT without any disruption to you or your lines and, most importantly, the day-to-day running of your business.

We can provide you with:

• New Line Installations
• Analogue
• ISDN30e
• ISDN2e
• Line Rental transfers from your existing provider
• Expert fault diagnosis
• Same product set as BT on the transferred lines or new installations
• Lead times to suit you

The benefits of choosing VOOT to provide your Line Rentals are:

• Discounted rates to save you money on your bills.
• Upgrade and installation of existing and additional lines.
• Multiple products - one bill every month that's easy and simple to understand.

Line Rentals from VOOT provide the full range of Analogue landline services you'd expect such as 1471, call waiting and ring back - further details can be found below:

• 1471 - identify the last caller on your line
• 1571 - Answer service
• Caller display - Display incoming CLI
• Outgoing Call Barring - allows you to bar certain telephone numbers being called from your lines
• Call Waiting - notifies you of incoming calls whilst you're on the line
• Ring Back - a dedicated ring tone starts when the engaged line becomes available
• Choose to Refuse - helping you stop malicious, nuisance calls
• Call Diversion - divert calls to another number when your line is busy


ISDN2e is especially designed for small and medium businesses with a small phone system. ISDN2e delivers a minimum of two digital lines and is available in multiples of two up to a maximum of eight channels.


ISDN30e is especially designed for medium and large businesses with a telephone system (PBX) on their premises. Connecting to ISDN30e is a very cost-effective method of providing large volumes of lines into a business - ideal for call centres or offices with growing communications needs.

ISDN30e delivers a minimum of eight channels and can be increased to any number required.
With ISDN30e, you will have a connection into your premises from your local BT telephone exchange, with a maximum of 30 independent channels per ISDN30e trunk.

Finally, with ISDN30e you will still be able to subscribe to additional services.

These include: ISDN Select Services

• Call Diversion
• Diverse Routing and Out of Area Service.
• Calling Line Identity Presentation (CLIP) displays the number of the person calling
• Calling Line Identity Restriction (CLIR) This prevents your directory number from being released at any time.
• Presentation Number - Calling Line Identity Presentation Number (PN) allows you to specify a number for your Calling
• Line Identity (CLI) for outgoing calls, which may be different to your usual telephone number.
• Caller Line Outbound Presentation (COLP) Allows you to set the number presented when you make a call.
• Connected Line Identity Restriction (COLR) Restricts the access of incoming callers to your identity.

DDI numbers are individual numbers supplied to phones and faxes and are available on both ISDN2e and ISDN30e. Using DDI you can allocate individual extensions their own telephone numbers, so callers can ring individuals in your company directly without going via your switchboard.

DDI allows you to increase the amount of telephone numbers available for use with your ISDN2e and ISDN30e channels. For example, you can allocate 10 DDIs but only have 6 lines, as not everyone will be on the phone at the same time.

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