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Carrier Pre Select

At VOOT we only use ‘Tier 1’ carriers. This ensures we provide the best quality and reliable networks to route call traffic.

VOOT use ‘Carrier Pre-Selection’ (CPS) whereby we register your numbers at your local BT exchange and calls are automatically routed over our Tier 1 carrier networks from there. This ensures that we capture all your call traffic and you benefit from the call savings we offer.

There is no charge for this service other than the reduced call costs that we pass-on to our customers.

Easily transferred from your existing BT lines, calls are routed to the VOOT network from the local exchange, usually via the Carrier Pre Selection - CPS. No site visit or engineer appointment is necessary, all re-routing is done off site.

If you would like to know more about our call savings achieved by using CPS please contact us.

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