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Business Mobile Service

Immediate access to information on the move

VOOT understand that in today's business environment staying connected to the office whilst on the move is a growing necessity.

Our range of mobile email solutions and enhancements add greater functionality to the mobile handset, allowing for immediate access to information on the move to ensure that businesses remain on top of their work and in constant contact. As an independent, VOOT can provide impartial advice and create bespoke packages across the range of mobile email services and devices that suit the exact requirements of your business and your employees

VOOT’s range of Windows MobileTM solutions provides the user with the familiar environment of a Windows PC. With Windows MobileTM, a mobile phone is the complete office tool, providing instant access to emails, voice, text and the internet. Windows MobileTM even includes the ability to open and edit Microsoft Office applications, including Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

- Simple, flexible and cost efficient
- Complete solution with Microsoft Outlook, Word, Excel and PowerPoint
- Compatible with a huge range of devices
- Familiar Microsoft environment
- Highly scalable with thousands of compatible applications for business 

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