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Asset Tracking

Vigilo is Crystal Ball's asset tracking system developed to track valuable company assets such as plant equipment and trailers that may have a limited/non permanent power supply and that operate in harsh environments.

Customers can access Crystal Ball, anywhere in the world, at any time, allowing them to track and report live on their assets. It is a true live web based gps tracking system.

The small and compact merlin 800 gps tracking device forms an integral part of the system and is an extremely rugged unit which is dustproof and waterproof to a 1m depth (IP67 rating) - making it ideal for trailer and plant tracking.

When installed on a trailer the merlin 800 internal battery continually charges from the main vehicle power supply whilst connected (powered through the sidelights).

When disconnected from its power source the merlin 800 internal battery switches to a power saving mode to extend its life—which can last up to three years without a recharge (subject to rates of transmission).

Also within the unit is a motion sensor which is designed to detect journey start/stop and movement which initiates tracking, alerts and all other reporting functions within Crystal Ball. Vigilo features live on line tracking, geo fencing, journey status indicators, current and historical day logs, scheduled email reports, flexible admin rights, alarms, low battery alert and includes ten user licences.

Vigilo protects your assets at all times, even if no power is available or when the power supply has been disconnected. This means company assets can always be located, giving customers complete peace of mind.
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